Foundation Microsoft Excel

Immerse yourself in our Foundation Excel Training workshops, meticulously crafted to suit your unique needs and ambitions. Our sessions are thoughtfully designed to guide you through every facet of Excel, ensuring you gain mastery over the features essential to your success. Whether you’re a novice eager to unlock the basics or a seasoned user seeking advanced techniques, our tailored approach guarantees a transformative learning experience. From fundamental functions to intricate formulas, we illuminate the path to proficiency, empowering you to harness Excel’s full potential with confidence and precision.

What will you learn after this course?

  • Excel Fundamentals 
  • Cell Navigation & Data Entry 
  • Text Wrap & Cell Merge 
  • Rows & Columns – Hide & Unhide 
  • Find & Replace 
  • Sort & Filter 
  • Headers & Footers 
  • Freeze Panes 
  • Organising Worksheets 
  • Applying Number Formats 
  • Introduction to Formulas 
  • Introduction to Functions 

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