Foundation Microsoft Word

Experience customized Foundation Word Training workshops meticulously crafted to align with your specific needs and goals. Our workshops are designed to guide you through the extensive array of features within Word, ensuring that you gain proficiency in every aspect relevant to your workflow. Whether you seek mastery in document formatting, advanced editing techniques, or efficient collaboration tools, our tailored approach guarantees comprehensive coverage of all essential functionalities. Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize your productivity and excel in your Word endeavors.

What will you learn after this course?

  • Word Fundamentals 
  • Fonts & Paragraphs 
  • Headers and Footers, Bullet Points and Borders and Shading 
  • Show / Hide 
  • Autosave / Save As / Save A Copy 
  • Use of Ribbons v Right-Mouse Click 
  • Spell check, Grammar & Thesaurus 
  • Page Breaks 
  • Auto Numbering / Bullets 
  • Format Painter 
  • Page Colour / Page Borders 

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