Microsoft Sharepoint

Immerse yourself and your team in the efficiency revolution with our SharePoint Zen workshop. Tailored to equip you with essential time-saving strategies, this session is designed to unlock the full potential of Microsoft SharePoint. Wave goodbye to content clutter as you discover streamlined methods to manage your documents effectively, organize your digital workspace, and prioritize tasks with precision. Whether you’re a seasoned SharePoint user or new to the platform, this workshop offers indispensable insights to streamline your workflow, enhance productivity, and regain control over your document management system.

What will you learn after this course?

  • Document Management (search, data access, document history)
  • Project Management (Team sites, project and task scheduling, meeting management, process workflows)
  • Knowledge Management (Team sites, text editing and multimedia, search, feedback collection, employee analytics, blogs and message boards)
  • Content Management (publishing, versioning)

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